Sharp Reflections - Interactive Pre-Stack

What is Sharp Reflections?

Sharp Reflections is an innovative software company bringing fast, full-survey pre-stack computing to the interpreter’s desktop. Our first product, Pre-Stack Pro, harnesses the power of many-core CPUs to deliver visual, real-time processing on affordable hardware. QC, filter, and stack pre-stack gathers, and generate better data on-the-fly!

Why Use Our Solution?

  • Supercomputing power on your desktop
  • Discover what's hiding behind your stacks
  • Make better data, on-the-fly

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What they're saying:

Thanks to Sharp Reflection we were able to point out the problem with our reprocessed data. A QC of the reprocessed seismic located the problem to be a pre-migration processing error, and gave us and the processing company a good lead from where to start investigating the data. It saved us time and worries for further delay. Read more » Tore, Centrica Energy, Stavanger

Sponsored R&D

We are building Pre-Stack Pro with our customers - for our customers Read about the foundation programme