Our story

Driving a seismic revolution


More data, more often, and in more detail. Pre-stack is the future of seismic interpretation. You need to get it off the disk and onto the workstation screen.

Sharp Reflections is harnessing “big data” compute technologies from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute to realize that vision. We built a powerful new software platform for pre-stack computing, designed to handle full-survey 3D datasets.

View and Do – that’s our mantra. PreStack Pro, our flagship software, integrates powerful pre-stack visualization and amplitude analysis with a full suite of post-migration gather processing tools. Dedicated modules for pre-stack inversion and full-azimuth analysis further strengthen the quantitative seismic interpretation (QI) capabilities. Our modern, fully-parallel architecture harnesses the power of many-core CPUs to accelerate everything. The result: fast, visual processing and data analysis tools on affordable, commoditized hardware, on premise or in the cloud.

Ten years after launch, we are the market-leader in pre-stack data analysis software and services.

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