Data QC & Processing in Pre-Stack Pro

Data QC & Processing in PSPro

Do you know how to really measure the quality of your data? And what to do to fix it?

The Seismic Data QC & Processing in PSPro training course will teach you new methods to quickly QC 3D datasets, identify processing problems, and solve them using Pre-Stack Pro’s rich Processing Toolkit. Learn techniques to improve event alignment, equalize bandwidth across partial stacks, and remove residual noise.

In 2 days you will:

  • Get an introduction to post-migration gather processing and QC – what ‘s stacked in your data, and can additional processing improve its quality?
  • Quantify data problems with Health Check routines.
  • Learn how to use Parabolic Radon Demultiple, 2D Random Noise Attenuation, and RMO to remove residual noise, improve event alignment, and generate more reliable data for quantitative interpretation.
  • Quantify data quality using QC attributes, spectral analysis, and generate frequency-matched volumes for inversion.

Who should attend:

  • Geoscientists who clean-up and condition gathers for sharper images and fluid discrimination.
  • Prospect generators interested in learning how pre-stack methods can identify problems in the data and improve them by processing.
  • PSPro Beginners (1 Day Getting Started Course recommended first)
  • Future users who are interested in learning about pre-stack geophysics, the importance of quality-assured data, and what you can do with it.

Getting Started with Pre-Stack Pro

Our Getting Started course is a 1-Day introduction to Pre-Stack Pro and is offered before each 2-Day course as an optional add-on. For new users of Pre-Stack Pro, this Getting Started course provides the necessary knowledge for the 2-day courses.

The course is for new users and non-experts who are looking to broaden their understanding of the Pre-Stack Pro’s functionalities, or a refresher for current users. Participants create their own projects, import various data types, design and execute a basic post-migration data processing flow.

Following the course, participants should be able to generate their own Pre-Stack Pro projects and do prospect assessment on their own datasets.