4.6 PreStack Pro New Release Webinar

Join our new PreStack Pro 4.6 software release webinar on 26th April 2016!

You will have an opportunity to see new release features and improvements to existing functionalities.

What’s New in the 4.6 Release:

New Processing Tools

  • Manual Velocity Editor – manually pick or edit velocities using interactive semblance and CMP displays
  • Amplitude Destriping – remove acquisition footprints on stacked data
  • Bandwidth Extension – broaden the frequency spectrum and improve resolution of reservoir events.

  • Major Forward Modelling Improvements

  • EEI log – scan & create EEI wavelets from well logs.
  • 3D Parametric Synthetic Modeler. Creates 2D and 3D synthetic gather from multi-layer elastic models. Quickly vary reservoir thickness, porosity, fluid fill, or other parameters to understand impact on AVO response.

  • New Data Comparator Tool

    We’ve dramatically improved the Data Comparator. Use it to quantify AVO effects and assess the effect of processing on AVO.

    New Azimuthal Tools

    PreStack Pro now includes advanced azimuth sectoring, interactive stacking of multi-azimuth gathers, as well as complete workflows for AVAZ and anisotropic velocity analysis. All azimuthal features will be made available without an add-on license through 31 December, 2016.

    Published on March 30, 2016