SEG Workshop Advances in Quantitative Interpretation

15–17 May, 2023  |  Muscat, Oman

Session 5, May 16 at 10:35 – 11:50 am

The Role of Geomechanics in Quantitative Seismic Interpretation

The keynote focusses on three topics where Geomechanics and Quantitative Seismic Interpretation are closely connected:

(i) Seismic inversion for lithostratigraphic units, the mechanical stratigraphy, and its effect on stress state, (ii) Azimuthal seismic analysis, and its relationship with stress anisotropy and fractures, and (iii) Time-lapse seismic and production related geomechanics.

In each topic, knowledge of the geomechanical processes will enhance or support seismic interpretation, and vice versa.

Dr. Jörg Herwanger, Director R&D at Sharp Reflections, has been invited to give a keynote presentation at the SEG Workshop Session 5 “Role of Geomechanics” chaired by Muneera Al Awadhi (KOC).