The Market’s Best Pre-Stack Software Solution

pre-stack pro

Makes Big Data Feel Small

Redefines Fast

Sharpens Predictions

How big is Big Data?

Recent installations are handling 8 Tb in internal memory – that’s 2 000 sq km of pre-stack seismic data.

But what is Big Data for you?
You decide – Pre-Stack Pro has no size limits.

All your data available – just a click away.

Switch between stack and gather domains on a whim, perform data quality assurance on the fly, and test your data analysis ideas when they are fresh.

Fast pre-stack processing

Small-scale processing tests are performed in a time frame you have never seen before – in the blink of an eye. Process full volumes in a fraction of the time you are used to.

Power of visualization

Having your data available all at once allows instant AVO/AVA interpretation, volume interpretation, and surface interpretation.

Increased confidence

Quality-assured and conditioned data increases the confidence in your AVO/AVA analysis.

Precision & Reliability

Stress-testing your data with the pre-stack processing toolkit will clean up your data set or tell you its limits.

Integrate all sub-surface data types and ideas for complete and reliable results

More qualified decisions!

Time and precision is critical in decision making. Have your whole data set on hand and ready – when you need it.