The market’s best pre-stack software application

Built for big data

Integrated workflows

Redefines interactive

Client-server architecture for scalable power

A fully-parallel application that leverages all CPUs and memory on the connected servers. Compute directly on huge gather datasets, with no size limits

Built for cloud

Choose a convenient «Pay-as-you-Go» SaaS plan, or deploy in your preferred private or public cloud. We offer flexible licensing for any compute environment

Processing to interpretation in one work session

QC, process, and analyze the results in one streamlined application, for dramatic efficiency improvements

Serious seismic calibration to wells

Quickly make sense of phase, polarity, AVO response, and tuning with tools to match synthetic to real stack and gather data

Animate Your Data

Our in-memory architecture was designed with visualization in mind. Explore data at animation speeds.

Real time processing

Process gathers and instantly see the results on stack and attribute sections. Speed scales with more servers, for fast 3D results.

Use all your data

Calculate any stack, attribute, or map directly from migrated gathers. No more compromises.