Why Work Pre-Stack?

Access the Full Data Set

Take Control

Because Now You Can

Is your data right?

The real quality of your data is hidden behind the stacks – only inspection of your gathers can give you the true answer.

Fluid Prediction

Your seismic fluid prediction sits in the pre-stack data. AVO/AVA attributes can help you identify potential reservoirs and distinguish hydrocarbons from water.

Independence from the processing shops

When there are post-migration issues to clean up, there’s no back and forth to deal with.

Why pay a vendor for processing products when you can make them yourself? Quicker AND better.

Stack your own cubes

Interpret on the right stacks. Create the final stack for interpretation yourself. Why wait?

Big Data

Pre-stack information takes up space – lots of it. A single survey can fill up your hard drive. Legacy software written for single core chips just can’t keep up.

Leverage new technology

You can take advantage of the continuous advancement of computing power.

We have. Pre-Stack Pro was developed from scratch, using modern code for today’s multi-core chips. All computations take place in global memory, for unparalleled performance.

Process and analyze your data in real time.