Meet the team – Julio Gomez, Director of Sales


Meet the team – Julio Gomez, Director of Sales


Welcome to the first in a series of blogs from the team at Sharp Reflections. Each month, we’ll be sharing top tips, industry trends and commentary, as well as giving an insight into the day-to-day workings of Sharp Reflections.

In this blog, we’re introducing Julio Gomez, Director of Sales, Americas. We’ll share with you what a typical day for Julio looks like, touch on his time working in Aberdeen, London and Calgary, and even give a nod to his passion for all things rugby.

Julio works with existing and potentially new clients on the delivery of our quantitative seismic data analysis, processing, interpretation and reservoir characterization services. While a few years ago this would have seen multiple business trips, presentations and face-to-face meetings, recent world events and the impact of Covid-19 has considerably changed his way of working, as it has with many others.

While he still works incredibly closely with U.S. based oil and gas operators, his daily meetings and presentations now take place from his home in Houston. But the change in approach hasn’t dampened his drive to deliver solutions for customers. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeing someone in person, or talking to them via Teams or Zoom, my role remains to illustrate the potential that our software and services create for customers,” says Julio.

It’s an approach that is working, with an increased awareness and growing demand for Sharp Reflections’ services in the Western Hemisphere. Julio adds: “We’ve built up a real momentum over the last few months, despite the challenging economic and logistical difficulties presented by a global pandemic.

“A lot of operators are starting to see the real benefits that our services can bring. When I speak to those operating in the sector, there’s a tangible drive to make the most of the data that’s already to hand. At Sharp Reflections, we make it possible to realise the full value of this data, and I’ve spoken to many people recently who understand that uncovering more detail from the raw data, will lead to improved rock and fluid predictions in the subsurface. Ultimately this will maximise exploration and production success,” adds Julio.

Julio’s experience in helping operators understand that there is a better way to do things stems from a career spanning over 20 years. After graduating from the University of Calgary with an MSc Theoretical Physics in 1998, he worked with a software company across geoscientist, BDM and director positions, including spells in London and Aberdeen where he focused on UKCS clients. When not at work, Julio is rugby fan and coaches a local women’s side in the Houston area, but the day job is never far from his mind.

“I love that as an agile company, we’re able to move quickly to always look to find the best solution for a customer,” says Julio. “For me, we offer a unique product in PreStack Pro that really does fill a void in the upstream workflow and I’m quite proud that I’m one of the people who gets to illustrate this to potential customers”, he adds.

Julio views PreStack Pro as a unique product and at Sharp Reflections, we designed the technology with big data in mind. Our goal has always been to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our combination of speed and state of the art geophysical tools allow you to maximize the insights your seismic data can provide, regardless of the size, quickly and easily. This enables a better understanding and reduced workflow cycle times, meaning we can help you free up more time to analyse and understand the data.

But why take our word for it when you can try it for yourself?

Get in touch with Julio today to set up a trial with PreStack Pro, find out about the company, or discover more about how we can help you.


Published on May 27, 2021