Free Half-Day Interpretation Workshop – Oslo & Stavanger

Sharp Reflections Interpretation Workshops

Sharp Reflections invites you to a free interpretation workshop

We are please to announce that Sharp Reflections are hosting two complementary half-day interpretation workshops, one in Oslo and one in Stavanger, on the 11th and 12th November, respectively. These workshops are a must for interpreters wanting to get more from their data.

If your prospects/reservoirs are seismic amplitude driven pre-stack is the optimum way to perform reservoir characterisation. See how quick and easy it is to enhance your data quality and create your own partial angle stacks, AVO attributes , maps, sections and pre-stack horizon interpretation.

Pre-Stack Pro puts you in the driving seat, giving greater freedom to interrogate your data. During this workshop we will guide you through the functionality tailored towards interpretation while your hand is on the mouse.

The Details


Mon 11 Nov 9am – 12pm


Equinor Oslo
Martin Linges vei 33
1364 Oslo, Norway


Tues 12 Nov 9am – 12pm


Innovasjon Park
Professor Olav Hanssens vei 7
4021 Stavanger, Norway

Email for more details:

Published on October 31, 2019