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Workshop: PCube+ Inversion (Oslo)
Sharp Reflections is excited to welcome you to a one-day PCube+ Workshop in Oslo on 24th January, to be held in conjunction with the 2019 GIG Consortium annual meeting at Norsk Regnesentral.
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What our users think:

The data analysis workshop was very helpful and in the future, we will incorporate this earlier into our data interpretation workflow for amplitude supported prospects. By integrating the full pre-stack dataset, we have a clearer understanding of the seismic DHIs and an improved risk understanding allowing us to focus further prospect specific studies. Extremely productive…


First Oil

In a situation where we were close to spudding a well and time was critical, a discussion on a late spud location move became necessary. In this situation Pre-Stack Pro made a seismic data conditioning exercise possible, which produced a sound technical rationale for not making a change to the planned well path. All this was done in a time frame we in advance did not believe would be possible. The well result proved our decision to be right. Unnecessary stress on our drilling department as well as significant additional costs were avoided.


Maersk Oil

I really like 3D visualisation of AVO amplitudes in map view. It’s more comprehensive than 3D AVO property attributes like intercept or gradient. Pre-Stack Pro would allow us to extend AVO studies to more prospects by reducing the wasted time in procurement and data transfer when outsourcing the work to a specialist processing company.



Pre-Stack Pro is an excellent tool for quality checking your data. The workshops are very conveniently set up, and I have already booked our next project. The interactive way of working and focusing on the prospect has changed my view on reprocessed seismic and I have definitely learned a lot from attending the workshops.



Thanks to Sharp Reflections, we were able to point out the problem with our reprocessed data. A QC of the reprocessed seismic located the problem to be a pre-migration processing error, and gave us and the processing company a good lead from where to start investigating the data. It saved us time and worries for further delay.


Centrica Energy

At RSI, we use PSPro to execute our AVATAR™ seismic gather conditioning technology. The combination of interactive parameter selection, a highly efficient parallel processing architecture and sophisticated 3D graphics has allowed us to both significantly improve the quality of our inversion products and radically reduce the turnaround time.


CEO, Rock Solid Images


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