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As the world turns to digital solutions, Sharp Reflections is well-positioned to support you on your digital journey.

For SEG20 attendees, we are offering a chance to experience all the benefits of PreStack Pro cloud offerings. You can explore and discover these by booking a free demonstration session, a test drive, or booking a meeting with any of the Sharp Reflections team. 

PreStack Pro unlocks the full value of your seismic library by accessing pre-stack data. If you are interested in learning more about how PreStack Pro offers pre-stack processing, interpretation, and inversion all in one package, please complete the form, and we will be in touch.

Is PreStack Pro for you?
PreStack Pro has been developed especially for geoscientists and geophysicists who want to unlock more from their data library using pre-stack data.


About PreStack Pro

Do you have questions about PreStack Pro?
Regardless if you’re new to pre-stack data or a seasoned PreStack Pro superuser, we’re ready to answer all of your questions and share our newest updates. Please send us a message within the SEG-event platform, or book a meeting with us in advance by filling out the form.

About PreStack Pro

You have more data in your seismic library waiting to be discovered, explored, and analyzed. Powering better decision making, PreStack Pro’s scalable HPC platform (cloud or in-house) allows you to efficiently reduce interpretation time and reservoir uncertainty by interrogating gathers volumes. Typically, these are routinely 100 times larger than a single stack and datasets in four and sometimes five dimensions.

Pre-stack data analysis using PreStack Pro unlocks all collected trace data. The software allows you to analyze and interpret your prospects and reservoirs more quantitatively; confidently predicting lithology and fluid-fill. Gather unique insight to data quality, with the capability to process and condition seismic for detailed attribute analysis that you will never extract from a stack volume.

With our cloud solution, you get complete access to all PreStack Pro modules and only pay for the compute time and storage used, with maintenance and support included. With the help of the secure and reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS), PreStack Pro can run on any standard computer with a minimum of 4G internet access. PreStack Pro is also available on a workstation.

There are multiple features you can experience. PreStack Pro:

    • Enables interpreters to effortlessly load and view huge gather, 4D, and full-azimuth datasets.
    • Integrates gather conditioning and amplitude interpretation in one high-performance software toolkit.
    • Delivers interactive processing tools which remove coherent and random noise, eliminate multiples, refine velocities, align gather, and balance spectra to create QI-optimized stacks and attributes
    • Offers a modern toolkit to map horizons on stack and gathers, extract amplitudes, and cross-plot the results to delineate fluids and lithologies
    • Integrates traditional and direct probabilistic pre-stack inversion  into the amplitude interpretation workflow


Virtual demos and test-drive

Want access to PreStack Pro?

Virtual demonstration
To support our exhibitor presence at SEG, we are offering you the chance to experience all the benefits of PreStack Pro by booking a free demonstration session. As PreStack Pro is a cloud-enabled HPC software, you can try it on a laptop from the comfort of your own home without needing a workstation.

Hands-on test-drive (24 hours)
If you are interested in more hands-on access to PreStack Pro, we are offering free test-drives (24 hrs) for qualified SEG20 participants. As a part of this, you will be able to access and test how PreStack Pro facilitates pre-stack processing, interpretation, and inversion all in one package. Access the test drive is granted by writing to us directly in the SEG20 event platform or by filling out the contact form today. Our team will be in touch with you very soon to schedule your access.

Please note this offer is subject to availability and is only offered to qualified attendees from SEG2020. Sharp Reflections reserves the right to define which attendees are to be considered eligible for the offer. The offer for SEG20 attendees expires on November 30th, 2020.

Imagine not needing a workstation and several days to utilize 100% of the data you’ve collected.

That’s reality,
for users of PreStack Pro.


Virtual training

Would you like training in PreStack Pro?

We have great news for you! After running comprehensive training courses for years, we have launched virtual training for all users. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through a complex but typical quantitative interpretation project, investigating the seismic response of a heterogeneous reservoir. You’ll get hands-on experience with PreStack Pro and access 100% of your data.

If you are interested in knowing more and joining future courses and masterclasses, let us know by filling out the form. We’ll make sure you’ll be the first to know about upcoming dates. Please note all courses have limited space to ensure you get the best learning experience.


Other services

Other services

The Sharp Reflections team also offers a growing range of processing and reservoir characterization services, tailored to big data. No compromises, and no more cutting down data to fit your workstation.

Big data services
Sharp Reflections specializes in pre-Stack seismic data analysis for reservoir characterization. Modern Quantitative Interpretation (QI) techniques have great predictive power, but only where very high-quality seismic data inputs are used in the analysis.

Sharp Reflections’ unique combination of gather conditioning and interpretation ensures superior results. Our services team delivers rich amplitude interpretation studies straight from the gathers!

Customized analysis made to fit your needs
Our standard service is delivered in two parts, with an initial QI baseline study, followed by complete 3D Reservoir characterization on a field, prospect, or full survey. Baselining includes data quality QC, gather conditioning, and attribute tests on key lines. Full studies push the Baselining results out to 3D.

QI baselining

  • Seismic health check
  • Forward gather model/calibrate single well to real gathers
  • Design gather conditioning workflow and test on key lines
  • Generate lithology/fluid attributes and test before/after conditioning

3D Reservoir Characterization Study

  • Full area data conditioning
  • Conditioned angle gathers, partial angle stacks
  • Pre-stack horizon interpretation and amplitude maps
  • Calculation and interpretation of AVA/Relative impedance volumes

Other add-ons

  • High-Impact, Interactive Work Sessions For Your Team: Interrogate the full 3D study results using our big data software. Sharp Reflections’ experts guide and drive the session. With all your gathers, stacks, and maps located in one place.
  • Estimate rock and fluid properties: Sharp Reflections has contracted with the Norwegian Computing Center to offer its PCube+ pre-stack seismic inversion module directly in PreStack Pro. Enhance your study with a full pre-stack inversion to estimate reservoir thicknesses, lithologies, and fluid fill from fully-conditioned seismic and well data.

If you’re looking for more information about our other services, please get in touch with us today.


Sharp Reflections

About Sharp Reflections
More data, more often, and in more detail. Pre-stack is the future of seismic interpretation.

Sharp Reflections is harnessing “big data” compute technologies from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute to realize that vision. Its team of expert geophysicists and developers have built a powerful new software platform for pre-stack computing, designed to handle full-survey 3D datasets.

View and Do – that’s our mantra. PreStack Pro, our flagship software, integrates powerful pre-stack visualization and amplitude analysis with a full suite of post-migration gather processing tools. Its modern, fully-parallel architecture harnesses the power of many-core CPUs to accelerate everything.

The result: fast, visual processing and data analysis tools on affordable hardware.

We are the North Sea market-leader in pre-stack data analysis software and services. More than half of Norway’s offshore operators use our software in-house and our international client list is growing fast.

If you’re looking to squeeze more from your seismic then get in touch today.