PETEX 2016


Booth Programme

New Pre-Stack Pro Version 4.8

  • New AVAZ analysis tools
  • Interactive full azimuth stacking
  • Improved gather modeling
  • and much more…

Foundation Project IV

We’re launching a new two year industry consortium to develop a standalone QI toolkit. Stop by our booth to learn how to join the growing list of sponsors.

New Cloud Solution

Pre-Stack Pro is now available with cloud server capability and pay-as-you-go licensing in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Lunch and Learn Demos

In addition to our regular demos of Pre-Stack Pro, we will be offering our always popular Lunch and Learn demos at the booth. Feed your stomach while you feed your brain!

Seismic Exploration for Low Contrast Pay. Part I: AVO processing workflows to preserve type II AVO anomalies, offshore Equatorial Guinea.

Seismic Exploration for Low Contrast Pay. Part II: Pre-stack interpretation techniques for reservoir fluid and lithology prediction, offshore Equatorial Guinea.

Improving Pre-Drill Lithology Prediction with Pre-Stack Scenario Modeling: A Quick Inversion Alternative.

Rotating 15 Minute Booth Demos

PSPro-Process: Improved Quantitative Interpretation with Interactive AVO Processing. (Peter Harris)

PSPro-HealthChecks: 3D PRE-Stack HealthChecks for Rapid Processing QC. How Good Are Your Angle Stacks? (Cerys Biancardi)

PSPro-Interpret: Pre-Stack Horizon Interpretation for Better Fluid Prediction. Extracting Information from Every Single Seismic Trace. (Bill Shea)

PSPro-Azimuthal: Harnessing Big Data Technologies for Full-Azimuth Reservoir Interpretation. (Bill Shea and Peter Harris)

PSPro-Cloud: Flexible Cloud Solution for Pay-As-You-Go Analysis of Huge 3D Gather Volumes. (Morten Sola)

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:00 PSPro-Process PSPro-Cloud PSPro-HealthChecks
11:00 PSPro-Interpret PSPro-Azimuthal PSPro-Cloud
12:30 Lunch and Learn
13:00 Lunch and Learn Lunch and Learn
14:00 PSPro-HealthChecks PSPro-Interpret PSPro-Process
15:00 PSPro-Azimuthal PSPro-HealthChecks PSPro-Interpret*
16:00 PSPro-Cloud PSPro-Process *Tequila Happy Hour

Customer Appreciation

We’ll be having a casual evening out with our friends and customers Tuesday evening. Join us for drinks to relax, mingle, and share stories. Want to join? Find out more at booth!

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Published on November 5, 2016