PETEX 2018

Visit Sharp Reflections at PETEX: Booth H22 / Olympia, London

Sharp Reflections will be at PETEX 2018, showcasing Pre-Stack Pro. Please visit us at booth H22. Catch one of our live demos, or take a test drive to learn what all the buzz is about.

Booth Demos

Start Interpreting Before the Data are Stacked (Bill Shea)
True-amplitude processing is the holy grail of reflection geophysics – simple to explain, elusive in practice. Pre-Stack Pro integrates gather modeling, amplitude quality assurance, and interactive data conditioning directly in the QI workflow, to help interpreters improve amplitude integrity and better understand uncertainty. For more confident rock and fluid interpretation, start interpreting before the data are stacked.

Pre-Stack Pro Boot Camps: Get Your Seismic Story in Shape (Adrian Smith)
Working collaboratively with exploration teams, our short and intensive data analysis Boot Camps are designed to quickly and efficiently optimize pre-stack seismic data quality for amplitude interpretation, delineate complex reservoirs, and reassess prospect risk strategies pertinent to a specific business problem. Our game-changing Pre-Stack Pro platform allows rigorous evaluations and fresh insight in days.

Interactive Cloud-Powered Analysis of Huge Pre-Stack Seismic Data (Stephane Perrier)
Is looking at pre-stack data unmanageable? Handling huge data volumes is critical but can be challenging without significant compute power and adequate disk storage. Pre-Stack Pro is designed for easy management of big datasets, rapid generation of volumetric QC’s, interactive pre-stack seismic data quality enhancement, and AVO analysis. Our mature Cloud solution provides the flexibility and power you need when you need it!

Multi-azimuth imaging of a North Sea oil field (Peter Harris)
Exploit your data from all angles with Prestack-Pro Azimuthal. High-performance computing delivers interactive visualisation, conditioning and interpretation of prestack data from wide- or multi-azimuth, ocean-bottom receiver, and unconventional acquisition. Optimised structural images and fracture characterisation through AVAz and VVAz add information to conventional interpretation and reservoir characterisation.

Fast seismic inversion direct to geology on a North Sea discovery (Peter Harris / Geoff May*)
Invert for geology in a one-step approach powered by Pre-Stack Pro high-performance computing.  PCube+ uses a Bayesian AVA inversion scheme. Our implementation offers a flexible solution in diverse basin settings, covering exploration and production needs in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, respectively

Demo Schedule

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:00 Interpretation Boot Camp Boot Camp
11:00 Boot Camp Big Data Big Data
12:00 Big Data Multi-Azimuth Multi-Azimuth
2:00 Inversion Inversion* Inversion
3:00 Interpretation Boot Camp Boot Camp
4:00 Multi-Azimuth Interpretation Big Data

*On Wednesday we are pleased to have Geoff May from Nexen present a recent case study showing the application of PCube+ inversion on one of their datasets.

Click here to download our demo schedule.

Customer Appreciation

Join us at The Albion, 121 Hammersmith Rd on Tuesday 27 November. Don’t forget to pick up an invitation at our booth.

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Published on November 21, 2018