Pre-Stack Pro 4.0 Beta Sent to Foundation Project Sponsors!


We’re really excited about the upcoming launch of Pre-Stack Pro 4.0 in early September. The RC beta was shipped to Foundation Project 3 sponsors on August 14, and we’re busy incorporating feedback. We’re previewing the release in a series of road shows for customers in Stavanger, Oslo, Aberdeen, and Houston.

Version 4.0 is a major version release, packed with new features and key usability improvements. It includes a new horizon interpretation toolkit, with a powerful horizon autotracker for stack data. The toolkit includes advanced horizon editing, despiking, and gridding algorithms, and improved tools for snapping or tracking horizons on gather data. We’re also launching the first generation of a new wavelet tool, which can be used to construct model wavelets, create and apply matching filters, and carry out quick, interactive colored inversion.

Usability has also been dramatically improved in 4.0. Users can save and restore sessions with the new session manager. We’ve also completed the upgrade of all algorithm previews to the same graphics elements used in our 2D viewers. There are new modules for volume merge, trace interpolation, trace integration, automated partial stacking, and generation of “pseudo-gathers” from one or more stacks or a range of chi angles. We’ve also extended the capabilities of the Volume Calculator, to allow for a wider range of custom workflows.

Published on September 1, 2014