Pre-Stack Pro 4.10

Improved Seismic Inversion With PCube+

Pre-Stack PRO 4.10 contains a full implementation of PCube+,
a significant improvement to the existing PCube inversion module in Pre-Stack Pro.

PCube is a seismic inversion software that computes lithology and fluid probabilities from seismic AVO data, using elastic rock property facies definitions as input.
It is based on an invention by the Norwegian Computing Center and Statoil.
PCube+ is an upgraded version of this code, being developed by the “Geophysical Inversion to Geology” (GIG) Consortium at the Norwegian Computing Center.

PCube+ is based on a significantly improved algorithm, with new geological constraints to limit the number of permissible inversion outcomes. In addition to facies probability volumes, it now outputs properly-scaled elastic property volumes and a set of horizon outputs. Our implementation includes a new QC window for efficient parameter tuning, and the PCube+ data inspector for analysis of results at specific well or cdp locations. PCube+ requires a separate license; contact for more information.

Users should upgrade to the latest release to take advantage of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.Version 4.10 also includes redesigned arbitrary path functionality, with dramatically improved displays.

Contact if you’re interested in a software trial or have any other questions.

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Published on April 7, 2017