Pre-Stack Pro – Cloud Introductory Offer

Announcing Pre-Stack Pro on Amazon Web Services – Special Offer

We’re extremely excited to offer Pre-Stack Pro’s unique combination of processing and analytics via the Amazon Cloud. Pre-Stack Pro is the only Big Data solution for seismic analysis, and its underlying architecture makes it a perfect fit for the unlimited scalability that the Cloud provides.

New Software as a Service (SaaS) concept
Pre-Stack Pro in the Cloud!

Using Pre-Stack Pro in the Cloud brings numerous benefits

  • Flexibility to scale the compute engine depending on the size of problem you wish to solve and how quickly
  • The ability to access Pre-Stack Pro and your data from practically anywhere (see note below regarding network requirements)
  • No hardware CAPEX required – pay-per-use
  • Maintenance free

Special Introductory Offer – What You Get

A fully-supported version of the Pre-Stack Pro environment is now available on Amazon’s AWS cloud. For a limited time, we invite you to try it out for a month, at a special introductory rate. One fee covers all hardware, software, and data management costs. Contact for details
During the trial, your data and Pre-Stack Pro will be accessible from any global location.
This one month offer includes:

  • Receipt and loading of your data onto Amazon’s data servers. This work will be completed by a member of the Sharp Reflections support team
  • 30 days access to up to 10 TB parallel storage on a single high-performance storage device (Amazon EBS). More storage can be purchased if needed.
  • 450 compute server hours to run Pre-Stack Pro sessions (e.g. two servers for 225 hours each, or 8 servers for 56 hours each)
  • The rental of a single Pre-Stack Pro licence whenever one or more compute servers are active, with all features enabled
  • Customer support
  • Relevant download of final project results to Sharp Reflections’ in-house servers at the end of the trial period

We’ll also supply a new, web-based interface to Amazon’s cloud service to ensure a smooth, straightforward user experience. Once data are uploaded, you’ll be able to deploy a production-ready instance of Pre-Stack Pro in under an hour, with just a couple of clicks

Additional Details

  • Sharp Reflections are not responsible for whatever network connection you are using to access the Amazon cloud. We do recommend a minimum bandwidth of 10MB and a maximum latency of 50-75ms (depending upon how ‘demanding’ the end user is).
  • The proposed method for your initial data transfer involves shipping the raw SEGY data on disk/tape to Sharp Reflections, where we will then upload it to your relevant data storage area and then load into Pre-Stack Pro.
  • Any PC can be used to access software/data – the same as for an in-house Pre-Stack Pro client/server setup. A small program that handles the connection to Amazon’s cloud must be installed on your client PC.

After completion of the evaluation project, we’ll debrief, gather formal feedback, and help you establish a longer-term strategy accessing Pre-Stack Pro in the cloud.

Published on November 29, 2016