Launching PreStack Pro 6.0

12th November, 2020. Kaiserslautern. Sharp Reflections, the leading provider of “Big Compute” solutions for seismic data analysis, is pleased to announce the release of PreStack Pro version 6.0. 

In early 2020 we launched a new development initiative for 4D processing and analysis, with technical and financial support from Equinor. This release concludes the first phase of 4D developments, and includes important matching tools and quality control tools to enhance signal and validate quality of the 4D data.

New 4D features
The new 4D features in PreStack Pro 6.0 include important conditioning steps to match seismic vintages to enhance the time-lapse signal. We’ve developed two new modules: Trace-by-Trace Attribute Matching and Trace-by-Trace Filter Matching. Both are capable of matching gathers and stacks. An input volume is matched to a reference volume by calculating and applying a laterally varying trace-by-trace operator in the form of a map or a filter volume. The operators can be specified as output and manipulated using other Pre-Stack Pro algorithms and then re-applied to the seismic volume.

To facilitate detailed comparisons we’ve added a new Create Comparison Maps feature. This compares two volumes in a defined window and outputs a selection of maps for quality control and validation of data repeatability.

The new 4D features give users full flexibility in matching and comparing gathers and/or stacks of different dimensions from different vintages. In addition to 4D matching, these new tools can be applied before merging two seismic surveys, or to aid the quality control of conditioning steps, etc.

Other key improvements 
Other key improvements are described in detail in the release notes. The graphical user interface has been updated to a more modern Qt5. The 3D Viewer now displays arbitrary lines which update dynamically when the path is edited in map viewers. We’ve also improved the efficiency of Horizon Import, and added a new merge horizon feature and more intuitive attribute-based deletion tool to Horizon Tools. PCube+ benefits from new features and key bug fixes implemented by Norsk Regnesentral and the GIG inversion consortium.

We encourage users to install the new PreStack Pro 6.0 release. In addition to new features, it contains many bug fixes, including those from all latest patch releases.


If you have any questions about how to access PreStack Pro version 6.0, please get in touch:

Published on November 12, 2020