Pre-Stack Pro 4.8

Pre-Stack Pro 4.8 Released!

Pre-Stack Pro 4.8 is ready for download from our support portal. Please review the release notes before installing, as some minor system changes are required for this new version.

Announcing PsPro-Azimuthal: Big Data Just Got Bigger

The new 4.8 Release includes rich new functionality for interrogating full-azimuth gather datasets. Load cartesian (COV) or polar (COCA) gathers, create and view sectored azimuth gathers, and stack any azimuth and offset/angle range on-the-fly. New Velocity-vs-Azimuth and Amplitude-vs-Azimuth modules provide powerful tools to characterize and map anisotropy in record time. Seismic for unconventionals just got exciting!

Other New Features

  • Full wave equation solution for synthetic gather modeling
  • Create interval attributes between horizons
  • Adaptive Subtraction module for predictive demultiple removal
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Major Usability Improvements

You spoke and we listened.

Release 4.8 includes a treasure trove of enhancements, including improved workflow editing, better arbitrary path displays, and major upgrades to the 3D parametric gather model. Read the release notes and getting started guide for a full list.

Users can download the update from Contact if you’re interested in a software trial or have any other questions.

Published on November 9, 2016