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Visit Sharp Reflections at SEG in San Antonio: Booth 2042

Sharp Reflections will be showcasing its “Big Compute” seismic data analysis solutions at the SEG annual conference and exhibition in San Antonio, 15-20 September 2019. Visit Booth 2042 to discover how our software and services can help you increase the value of your existing data library. Attend one of our “on the hour” booth presentations, or just drop by for a chat or Pre-Stack Pro test drive.

Booth Talks

New Gather Analysis Techniques to Assess AVO Reliability of Multi-Client Seismic  (Joe Zuech)
Quantitative Interpretation (QI) and newer Machine Learning techniques require AVO-compliant seismic. Unfortunately, large multi-client 3D surveys seldom processed with this end goal in mind. Sharp Reflections’ QI Baselining service rigorously assesses AVO integrity from pre-stack gathers, and documents the improvements that can be achieved with post-migration gather conditioning.

Go Big: Leveraging Cloud Computing to Interrogate ION’s Massive Picanha 3D, Offshore Brazil (Bill Shea)
3D seismic data volumes continue to grow at an exponential rate, and are outstripping the data analysis capabilities of today’s interpretation workstations. Sharp Reflections is using big data and cloud computing to process and analyze these huge 3Ds. This live presentation will show how scaleable compute power is helping to extract rich regional insight from ION’s Picanha 3D, offshore Brazil.

Predicting Stresses and Natural Fractures From Azimuthal Gathers in Tight Reservoirs (Grant MacRae and Ryan Lau)
Advances in seismic acquisition technology are driving growth in high density, high-fold data with full-azimuth coverage. Learn how Sharp Reflections’ Azimuthal module improves reliability of velocity and amplitude anisotropy workflows for unconventional reservoirs, while at the same time reducing analysis times from weeks to days. We present results from a fractured carbonate reservoir in the Middle East, and compare anisotropy maps with production data from wells.

Efficient Prospecting Direct from Pre-Stack Seismic, Live in AWS (Adrian Smith)
Elastic computing is disrupting tradition seismic delivery models, and putting powerful pre-stack processing and interpretation tools on the interpreter’s desktop. In this case study from offshore New Zealand, we’ll show how Sharp’s Pre-Stack Pro can quickly optimize seismic data quality for amplitude interpretation, delineate reservoirs, and assess prospect risk, straight from the gathers. Our game-changing Pre-Stack Pro platform allows rigorous evaluations and fresh insight in days.

Sliding Scales: Using Big Data to Jump from Regional QC to Prospect Scale Inversion, Central Graben North Sea (Andreas Rasmussen)
Fast, scaleable computing is compressing data analysis cycles for huge multi-client 3Ds. Learn how Pre-Stack Pro’s unique mix of gather processing and quantitative interpretation software tools is eliminating the gap between regional screening and quantitative amplitude interpretation, with this live example from the Central Graben, North Sea.

Seismic Data Science:Turning Raw Data Into Fast Actionable Insights  (Bill Shea)
Does your company have the resources to really understand the data you collect? Bill Shea, Sharp’s CEO, showcases new software tools designed to transform seismic interpreters into data scientists. Learn how you and your team can use big data computing to leverage the richer amplitude information in pre-stack gather and improve reservoir understanding.

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Published on September 9, 2019