Customized analysis

Customized analysis made to fit your needs


Our standard service is delivered in two parts, with an initial QI baseline study, followed by complete 3D reservoir characterization on a field, prospect, or full survey. Baselining includes data quality QC, gather conditioning, and attribute tests on key lines. Full studies push the Baselining results out to 3D.


QI baselining

  • Seismic health check
  • Forward gather model/calibrate single well to real gathers
  • Design gather conditioning workflow and test on key lines
  • Generate lithology/fluid attributes and test before/after conditioning

Baseline review

3d reservoir characterization study

  • Full area data conditioning
  • Conditioned angle gathers, partial angle stacks
  • Pre-stack horizon interpretation and amplitude maps
  • Calculation and interpretation of AVA/Relative
  • Impedance volumes