Batch workflows

Batch workflows

Time-saving batch workflows

PreStack Pro saves you time and money by streamlining often-used tasks.

Apply any filter or effect, and instantly see the result on your data. You can automate any custom process sequence with just a few mouse clicks. Just select the output volumes you want, and PreStack Pro creates a workflow.

Our workflow engine manages the flow of data from disk to RAM, so you can process complete 3D surveys with any hardware setup.

Reuse any batch flow by loading it and selecting new data.

We encourage sharing – send colleagues a small settings file and they can apply it to their project. Customize any process just by opening it in the flow manager. After you’ve made changes to the setting, save it.

Build a library of workflows, and share what works.


Running batch on whole survey

Instead of manually performing each processing task, save and run the complete sequence as one batch action.