Custom stacking

Custom stacking

True interpretive processing

We’ve torn down the wall between processing and interpretation. PreStack Pro combines visualization, data processing, stacking and maps in one place.

Interpreters can instantly see the effect of all processing steps on live 3D volumes.

Interactive stack/mute

Small changes to stack mutes can have surprisingly big effects.

In PreStack Pro you can see how each offset or angle trace contributes to the stack – in 3D, in real time. If it’s degrading the image, you can mute it away.

Big improvements in data quality can sometimes be achieved without any additional gather processing.

Make new stacks, while you watch

We work with horizons and velocity data, so that you can focus on target events in the angle domain.

PreStack Pro can apply angle mutes, generate angle gathers and deliver custom angle stacks and AVA attributes for interpretation.

Why pay extra for these products, when you can make them yourself?