Horizon Tools

Horizon tools

When time is short, you need to maximize interpretation efficiency.

We’ve built the tools to help. With the Horizon Tools module, you can track promising events on stacked volumes, snap or track the picks on gathers, and extract all amplitudes and AVA attributes in just a few mouse clicks.

PreStack Pro can take you from virgin data to a portfolio of promising amplitude leads in just a few short days.

Seed and track

Our parallel, in-memory architecture dramatically accelerates automated interpretation.

Just drop in a few seed points, and let it fly. Change any tracking parameter, and see the result on the full survey in seconds.

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QC and edit

QC and error correction are key to successful auto-tracked interpretation.

We take a fresh approach to QC, and have improved the standard editing tools to accelerate error correction.

FTI track-back

Filter and grid

Despiking and median filtering with or without interpolation. Three gridding methods are included: Inverse Distance Weight, Moving Average, and ABOS.

final grid

Extend to pre-stack gathers

Extend any stacked horizon to pre-stack gathers for high-definition amplitude work. The PreStack Pro AVO-friendly algorithms can fit horizons to specific pre-stack events, or extract within windows to deal with high noise levels or preserve phase changes.
Results can be displayed as pre-stack amplitude maps, or as a stack of amplitude maps computed at every incidence angle.

extend to pre-stack