Powerful noise removal

Powerful noise removal

Interactive noise removal

Seismic data commonly contains coherent and random noise that interferes with key reservoir reflections. We offer high-quality algorithms that remove residual noise and enhance continuity of gathers and stacks.

You’ll benefit immediately with better well ties and improved fluid discrimination on reservoir events.

Surgical high-res Radon

PreStack Pro’s high-resolution Radon transform accurately targets multiples with small differential moveout, without the primary leakage seen with the conventional transform.

Our interactive mute tool helps you target and confidently remove these events, as well as other forms of dipping or aliased noise remaining after migration.

Smarter random noise removal

Good science matters.

We offer an array of image processing techniques for removing random noise from 2D and 3D datasets and improving AVO amplitude integrity.

  • 2D anisotropic diffusion filters reduce offset-dependent noise before stacking, without distorting wavelets.
  • 3D Dip/azimuth-steered median and diffusion filters dramatically reduce random noise on stacks and speed automated interpretation.
  • PreStack Pro’s modern parallel compute engine even has the throughput needed to filter each offset class independently, and reassemble as noise-cancelled gathers.

All those steps simply produce one thing: reliable data.