Technical overview

Technical overview

Big data needs big throughput!

PreStack Pro is a fully-parallel computing platform, designed to make pre-stack analysis easy and efficient. We’ve leveraged HPC cluster computing technology, and deliver it on compact, affordable hardware systems. It runs fast on workstations, and faster on multi-node machines.

Parallel storage

We store and access complete pre-stack datasets on parallel storage servers. Each processor reads and writes parts of a larger file, speeding I/O dramatically.

Global shared memory

We use Fraunhofer’s GPI to create an aggregated memory architecture. You can load large gather subsets to memory, work with raw and processed gathers and multiple stacks in a common data pool.

CPU visualization

PreStack Pro is Cloud Ready. We render graphics on the server, and send high-frame-rate streams to your client. You can access the application from anywhere, using a standard office PC.

Coded for multi-core

Workstation systems now ship with up to 32 cores, and have plenty of firepower for routine tasks. Larger systems provide even more throughput, and can be shared by multiple concurrent users.

Workstation or server?