Surgical Cross-plots


Cross-plots can be generated quickly from any partial stack or pre-stack attribute, and refined by limiting plotted points to specific polygons. Polygons can also define specific cross-plot sub-regions, and be used to generate overlay masks showing point locations in map view.

Add cross-plot overlays to generate custom attributes and delineate fluid changes and reservoir quality variations.

Map polygons

Cross-plot inputs may be selected from any map, horizon attribute, or 3D volume.

Unlimited polygon sub-regions may be defined in map or seismic views. Cross-plot pairs from multiple polygons can be added to a single cross-plot window and coded by polygon color.


Polygons may be defined in any cross-plot viewer and used to generate masking functions, to identify the associated points in map and seismic viewers.

Masks are updated dynamically, so changes in polygon shape or location are immediately updated in the mask.

Overlays / attribute projections

Trend lines and other overlays may be defined in cross-plots windows and used to generate custom attributes from linear combinations of the cross-plotted points. These are useful for delineating fluid and lithology trends in the seismic data.

figure 14