The BIG DATA Engine


PreStack Pro is pre-stack seismic analysis software that combines pre-stack visualization, processing, and interpretation in one powerful platform. By having it on your desktop, you can QC data, improve data quality, and generate the exact stacks and attributes needed to target promising anomalies.

  • Swift Input / Output (now transfer data to and from Petrel!)
  • QC and Visualization
  • Fast Processing
  • Stack and Gather Domain Interpretation

Processing toolkit

  • Random noise attenuation
  • Coherent noise removal
  • Fine-tuned flattening
  • Amplitude enrichment
  • Workflows for batch processing

Amplitude analysis toolkit

  • Horizon interpretation
  • Amplitude mapping
  • Surgical cross-plotting
  • Pre-stack inversion
  • Processing arbitrary paths

Petrel data link

The Petrel link to PreStack Pro is via an Ocean plug-in. You can easily transfer data between your Petrel and PreStack Pro projects.

Transferable data types:

  • Well and well-related data: trajectories, log-curves, tops, checkshots, T/D curves
  • Stacked seismic cubes, attribute volumes, and pre-stack gathers
  • Horizons and associated attribute maps
  • Map polygons and seed points

For more info about the plug-in see our flyer below. If you are interested in purchasing a license, contact our sales team.

Download the Petrel data link flyer