Wavelet Tool

Wavelet Tool

Use our new Wavelet Tool to shape seismic spectra and carry out quick, robust relative impedance inversions.

Construct model wavelets, create and apply matching filters, and get fast, interactive colored inversion.


Pre-Stack Inversion

P-Cube is a pre-stack inversion method developed by Statoil and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The method computes the probabilities for different lithology-fluid classes from seismic data and geological knowledge.

What you need to run P-Cube

For P-Cube inversions, you need:

  • Litho-Fluid classes from log-measured elastic rock properties
  • A background model of multiple zones and A-priori assumptions on liklihood of finding each LF class by zone
  • Partial angle stacks or limited-fold angle gathers
  • Wavelets extracted from each angle stack being used in the inversion

What you get

Results are output as 3D probablity cubes, which predict the likelihood for each Lithology-Fluid class in every seismic sample.