Statoil Technology Showcase

Statoil Technology Invest held a showcase last week and we are very happy to have been a part of it.

Statoil’s goal with STI is to accelerate commercialization and implementation of new
technology. Introduction of new technology plays an important role in improving Statoil’s operations and in reaching our corporate ambitions of increasing find rates, increasing recovery, and reducing cost. The meeting objective is to showcase new technology from venture backed companies with further implementation potential in Statoil.

We work hard to be on the cutting edge of seismic data analysis, with the ultimate goal to help everyone increase find rates, recovery, and reduce costs.

Here is our profile from the showcase:

What We Do?

Sharp Reflections uses Big Data to identify hydrocarbons and estimate reservoir properties from seismic data. We extract the seismic signal directly from pre-stack data, eliminating the loss of detail that today occurs when data volumes are reduced by processing contractors to ease storage, handling, and interpretation.

Our Pre-Stack Pro software provides an integrated server-based platform to identify and visualize potential drilling targets, optimize seismic data quality in targeted reservoir zones, and assess the likelihood of finding hydrocarbons before drilling. In addition to software, Sharp Reflections offers a broad range of data enhancement and reservoir characterization services, tailored to big data. We apply our unique geophysical solutions to diverse reservoirs in the North Sea and other producing oil and gas basins.

What’s New?

Seismic surveys record a complex 3D image of subsurface echoes, and measure the change in signal strength of waves bouncing off reservoirs in a fan of angles. These data are interpreted to redict rock properties and fluid type. To fit in the memory of workstations, the raw information is usually condensed to a handful of coarse average images, resulting in loss of detail.

Pre-Stack Pro is a highly-parallel, server based computing tool that overcomes the practical data size limits of a single workstation. Our solution is powerful enough to analyze the full lossless seismic data stream. The higher data density provides enhanced detail and allows interpreters to minimize artifacts that interfere with the subtle fluid signal. Modern 3D seismic surveys are growing rapidly in size and sample density both onshore and offshore, and require increased compute power to visualize and delineate drilling prospects. By leveraging high-performance computing, our users can confidently screen and analyze new 3D datasets in days, rather than the weeks and months required with traditional interpretation solutions.

What’s the Value?

Exploration teams using Pre-Stack Pro report measurable improvements in seismic data quality and
signal integrity, and improved confidence identifying prospects with Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHIs) that reduce drilling risk. In developing fields, improved signal clarity leads to more reliable identification of reservoir sweet spots, and more accurate delineation of in-place reserves. Our clients optimize their drill portfolios by choosing the right wells to drill, and drill fewer mislocated wells by exploiting the pre-stack data signal.

Published on November 24, 2015