Thanks for visiting us at EAGE 2015!

The Sharp Reflections team would like to thank everyone who stopped by to see us at EAGE in Madrid this year! We had fun, caught up with customers, and made new connections. There were many demos, including our always busy Lunch & Learns; we hope they were interesting and enjoyable to those who came to the booth!

We had a lovely night out in Madrid with our team and customers at Saporem as well.
Wine, food, and good people is the perfect combination!

If you weren’t able to visit us at EAGE, here is an overview of what you missed in the demos:

What’s coming in Pre-Stack Pro

  • New Petrel data link – which makes it possible to transfer all data types between Petrel and Pre-Stack Pro.
  • Cultural data examples – adding another layer of richness to PSPro’s interpretation map canvas.
  • Preview of the coming PsPro-Azimuthal module which allows users to view, process, and interpret directly from Offset Vector Tiles. Data can now be loaded from SEGY as OffsetX/OffsetY or Common Azimuth/Common Offset, used to generate custom stacks from OBS data, and predict stress directions and fracture trends on land.

Pre-Stack Pro tools for data integrity and improvement

  • Seismic Health Checks provide you with new QC techniques to pinpoint noise and velocity problems using gathers.
  • Pre-stack gather conditioning can improve amplitude integrity of angle stacks and AVO attributes.

Fast-tracking new exploration leads from gathers. Pre-Stack Pro’s horizon tools can accurately identify new leads and because you work with a full set of gathers, we can immediately identify the AVO response and highlight the most promising targets.

New School Interpretation. Move beyond nears-mids-fars! Use our quick, intuitive methods to interpret amplitude response at top and base reservoirs, directly from gathers and use cross-plots to tailor rock and fluid attributes to specific targets.

See you next year!

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Published on June 26, 2015