We are hiring: Seismic Data Analyst

Job Snapshot

  • Full-time Seismic Data Analyst
  • Locations: Houston or (partly) remote with good travel connection to Houston

Key Responsibilities

  • Execution and delivery of seismic reservoir characterization (SRC) service projects, working alongside the global services team, Head of Services, and Chief Geophysicist. 
  • Develop and implement innovative SRC workflows that leverage PreStack Pro technology and the knowledge, ideas, and experience of the Sharp Reflections technical team.
  • Understand client business needs and technical challenges and offer customized solutions to help them achieve their business objectives.
  • Manage client communications and expectations during the entire project lifecycle.
  • Participate in projects as a geophysicist and seek support from other service team members as needed.
  • Customize service deliveries to meet the specific needs of customers exploring for and producing from both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
  • Contribute to the process of scoping and planning new projects and develop Scope of Work documents that define objectives and match client requirements.
  • Collaborate closely with colleagues from the technical team to ensure an overall consistency of approach and creation of a services “brand” known for quality, by providing peer assistance and peer reviews for the company.
  • Monitor service quality and customer satisfaction, and report regularly on progress to the Head of Services.
  • As an expert PreStack Pro practitioner, provide feedback to the software development team for potential improvements to maintain and expand top-tier PreStack Pro technology. 
  • Develop and deliver expert-level workflow training that shows clients how to leverage their seismic data and software technology investment.
  • Grow relationships with existing customers by actively seeking opportunities to broaden their understanding and use of PreStack Pro software. This may include onsite consulting, conducting release “roadshows”, organizing regular webinars, and developing “new feature” training and content-rich trade show demo programs.
  • Help to build a world-class company with leading-edge SRC technologies and solutions.

Professional/Technical Qualifications

  • Practical experience with pre-stack seismic data processing & quality control (QC), amplitude interpretation (AVO, QI), attributes screening, and pre-stack seismic inversion
  • Analytical problem-solving capabilities
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to present work and propose innovative solutions to both peers and customers
  • Collaborative, creative thinker who can simultaneously work independently and know when to proactively seek guidance from peers
  • Operator reservoir geophysics experience is a plus, but not a requirement 
  • Ability to quickly learn and utilize new software (prior exposure to PreStack Pro is a plus)
  • Applied knowledge of time-lapse and/or azimuthal seismic is a plus

Job Description

You will deliver advanced and technically differentiated geophysical processing, data analysis and seismic inversion services. Reporting directly to the Head of Services you will work closely with the services team and Chief Geophysicist to develop compelling service offerings that leverage PreStack Pro and its “big compute” software technology. You’ll prepare “Scope-of-Work” statements for projects, which define goals and objectives, client requirements, resources, and deliverables.


Technical services are a key part of our “go-to-market” strategy, and you’ll play a lead role in explaining and demonstrating the benefits of exploiting pre-stack seismic across the E&P value chain. To succeed, you’ll need to acquire and maintain a deep knowledge of the company’s technology and develop creative service offerings focused on helping clients achieve business outcomes.


While based in the Houston area, you’ll work closely with colleagues in Norway, UK, and Germany to evolve and improve our services offering, and provide running peer assists and formal peer reviews. You’ll join a small and dynamic team and will be given the opportunity to work closely with software engineers and colleagues and participate actively in software development.


The services team is also expected to be visible and help to raise the profile of the company. You’ll be encouraged to make technical presentations at industry conferences, develop and provide technical training, organize educational seminars, and contribute to booth programs for trade show exhibitions.

Please send your letter of motivation and your CV to: joe.zuech@sharpreflections.com