Workshop: PCube+ Inversion (Oslo)

Learn all about PCube+ in our Workshop

Sharp Reflections is excited to welcome you to a one-day PCube+ Workshop in Oslo on 24th January, to be held in conjunction with the 2019 GIG Consortium annual meeting at Norsk Regnesentral. PGS have kindly provided a high-quality test dataset for the workshop, such that all attendees can work on the same project using servers running in the Amazon cloud.

No previous PCube+ experience required

All workshop attendees are also cordially invited to attend a special public session on 23rd January, as well as pre-workshop dinner at Nodee Sky Barcode on Wednesday evening (see website).

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn to use PCube+ in our interactive Pre-Stack environment
  • Share inversion strategies and experiences with seasoned users
  • Explore the link between pre-stack gather conditioning and inversion, and its influence on the inversion result


Norsk Regnesentral
Floor 4 of Kristen Nygaards hus
Gaustadalleen 23A
0373 Oslo, Norway


  • Build an initial background model on a test dataset
  • Cross-plot log properties, and use define litho-fluid classes (LFC)
  • Define and test inversion parameters and QC at well locations
  • Generate and interpret results on 3D volumes

Contact Turid to receive an invitation:

Published on January 17, 2019