Our story

Innovation starts with curiosity

From day one we have collaborated and cocreated with our customers. Their wishes spark our curiosity.
We have also thrived on building deep relationships with partners whose expertise helps our vision come alive.

We started with a bold idea

When we entered the scene a decade ago (known as EnVision AS), we saw thousands of terabytes of data flooding in from every seismic acquisition—volumes way beyond anything that standard desktop computing can handle to this day.

We also saw that only 5% of that raw data was captured and packaged for customers through traditional processing techniques. We thought about this immense data volume and said, yes, we can do more with that, and we can do it faster.

It took nerve, but we knew it could be done.

Culture of collaboration

So, in 2010, EnVision AS teamed up with Fraunhofer ITWM (Germany) to form a joint venture company, Sharp Reflections. Fraunhofer brought a powerful data processing engine to the venture. Rock Solid Images (RSI) joined as a development partner, contributing their library of advanced geophysical algorithms, and before long our flagship software offering, PreStack Pro, was launched.

In 2016, we partnered with the Norwegian Computing Center to commercialize their state-of-the-art inversion technologies. Since then the inversion technologies CRAVA and PCube+ have been commercialized to take advantage of the powerful processing engine of the Sharp Reflections platform.

Over the years, we have undertaken a series of research and development projects, all cofunded with our industry and academic partners, and all focused on solving specific challenges identified by our customers.

In May 2022, we initiated the fifth project, Foundation Project V (FP-V). The project aims to establish PreStack Pro—now known as the Sharp Reflections software—as the leading platform for time-lapse 4D seismic analysis. FP-V is developing software tools to analyze production-induced changes in seismic travel times and amplitudes in prestack seismic data. Project partners include: ConocoPhillips, Equinor, ExxonMobil, Hess, Lundin, Petrobras, TotalEnergies, Vår Energi, PETRONAS and Wintershall DEA.

Mission and values

Our mission

We empower our customers to explore 100% of their seismic data to attain deeper insights, fresh ideas, broader perspectives and a better understanding of their prospects.

Our values

Our values are reflected in the everyday interactions we have with our customers, our partners and each other.


We are curious


We are open


We are sharp

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As industry demands evolve, so will our solutions

Energy transition

The future of our planet depends on accelerating the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable resources.

Today, as part of this change, it is crucial for energy companies to extract already discovered oil and gas resources as efficiently as possible. We see it as our role to assert and facilitate No Waste principles that, as an industry, we can carry into the future.

Our customers are exploring new directions—such as carbon sequestration and geothermal energy. Sharp Reflections is solidly positioned to be part of those solutions.

Our greatest strength is our ability to innovate and cocreate in collaboration with our customers and partners. We will continue to harness our innovative energy to develop new solutions that support our customers’ future initiatives.