Maximizing the value of your investment


Maximizing the value of your investment.

Our trainers are focused on helping your Sharp Reflections software users do more with the knowledge they already have. Through a blend of theory and plenty of hands-on training, we aim to build on their existing software capabilities and professional knowledge to ultimately enhance your organizational performance.

Adapt and transform

We offer a comprehensive set of standard scheduled training courses. In addition, our training specialists will tailor course content to the specific needs of your team or individual users, and we will work with your organization to set up project-based or theme-based training programs.

Active learning

Sharp Reflections training blends classroom instruction with plenty of hands-on experience. Under the guidance of our training professionals, your users will learn and develop their skills using realistic datasets provided on the cloud.

Standard Course Overview

Getting Started

Prestack Quantitative Amplitude Interpretation

Data Conditioning for Quantitative Interpretation

Prestack Seismic Inversion

4D Seismic Analysis

Looking for alternative ways to improve your software capabilities