High-performance computing for speed and scalability

The Sharp Reflections software is powered by an elastic high-performance computing engine that significantly reduces computing times and enables terabytes of data to be shared globally in RAM. The platform’s modern, fully parallel architecture harnesses the power of all assigned CPUs. The result: fast visual processing and data analysis tools on affordable, commoditized hardware with unlimited scalability.

Visualization at animation speed over wired, WIFI and 4G or 5G networks gives users the ability to interactively handle and interrogate today’s largest seismic datasets—working at the speed of thought.

Centralized storage and computation make it possible to perform fast I/O to feed the shared memory. Processing, QA/QC of data, interpretation and visualization are supported on one platform.

Our data-centric approach reduces uncertainty and fosters more confident drilling decisions under time pressure.

The map view (left) shows the difference in a seismic attribute between two angles in a 3D volume. The short horizontal double line (middle) indicates the location of the cross-section view (right). The AVO map differences are computed in real time while scrolling through horizons or angles, allowing the user to quickly find and characterize AVO changes in a large deepwater fan. All possible maps are generated by the Sharp Reflections software and kept in one attribute volume for convenience, then synchronized with the corresponding horizons to enable rapid screening.

Software as a Service

With the Sharp Reflections Big Data platform as an AWS Software as a Service (SaaS), users can start right away, no matter where they are located. We give you the tools to monitor usage of the AWS SaaS solution.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

SaaS benefits


Easy to use: create computing setup with ease


Flexible: dynamically increase as use and users increase


Secure: secure data segregation to meet high-demand availability and data security


Scalable: dynamically increase or reduce computing nodes


Lower cost and effort: no hassle maintenance


New technology: immediate access to upgrades and new releases

On your premises

If you require an on-premises solution, our IT support team will work with your IT team to create the best environment for your users. We will review your IT setup and provide recommendations to ensure a fast and productive working environment on a single workstation or on a multiple node workstation or server system setup.

Our support team will be there to help you with new releases and updates.


The Sharp Reflections software platform can be licensed as part of your workstation or cluster configuration setup on your premises or as part of your private cloud environment. License the platform and integrate it with your Microsoft Azure cloud setup. Alternatively, subscribe to the Sharp Reflections as an AWS SaaS solution.

Either way, we make sure your users are set up with a productive working environment.