October 23–25, 2023

Leiden, Netherlands

The GATHERing is Sharp Reflections’ annual spectechular event, a fantastic opportunity to find out how you and your team can benefit from using Sharp Reflections software in your operations and to …


Date: October 23-25, 2023


Location: Van der Valk Hotel, Sassenheim-Leiden, Netherlands

The GATHERing welcomes YOU!

And you are…?

A superfan of the Sharp Reflections platform—you have an insatiable drive to learn more!

The colleague of a superfan user—your curiosity has been piqued.

An in-house decision maker—you’re responsible for your company’s asset teams, and you want to know what Sharp Reflections is doing for you.

A new user—you want hands-on help to make the most of your investment.

A potential user—you’d like a no-pressure chance to look around and check the tech before you commit.

An interested operator—you want to meet us, survey the techscape, and maybe talk about consulting services.

Check any boxes?

Whatever your interest, we look forward to meeting you.

What to expect at The GATHERing Europe

Our event includes strategy and product presentations by Sharp Reflections experts, hands-on training sessions, client contributions, and a relaxing dinner outing to a charming local venue.

You’ll also have an opportunity to attend a Foundation Project V meeting, and learn about Sharp Reflections’ innovation partnerships, including current developments in the 4D Time-Lapse domain.


Day 1: Monday, Oct. 23
Day 2: Tuesday, Oct. 24
Day 3: Wednesday, Oct. 25
Registration & lunch

Sharp Reflections 2023 software ‘State of the nation’
Keynote session

An array of industry experts will highlight emerging seismic technology trends and discuss with us how these affect uncertainty and influence risk and decision making.
Speakers to be confirmed.

Ice breaker
Hands-on training sessions

Exercises for new users (Breakout room 1)
  • Prestack data visualization, offset-to-angle transformation
  • Introduction to forward seismic modeling
  • Amplitude variation with Angle (AVA) modelling
  • AVA mapping and analysis

Well calibrated processing workflows (Breakout room 2)

An integrated workflow for generating AVO compliant data for AVO and inversion.

  • Well tie / AVA synthetics
  • Comparisons to actual processed seismic
  • Processing with amplitude in focus 
  • Incorporating relative inversion in processing tests
  • BONUS: Machine Learning (ML) processing algorithms

From 4D features to a complete workflow (Breakout room 3)

A comprehensive look at new FP-V features and how they can be combined into integrated workflows from QC to well placement.

  • From 1D to 3D time shift calculations and analysis – compare and contrast
  • 1D seismic modelling of discrete production scenarios
  • Test drive new multidimensional cross plotting

Support awareness – are you registered?

Knowledge exchange
  • Ask the experts – Sharp Reflections tips and tricks
  • Client and partner experiences using Sharp Reflections
  • Services to complement your software
Dinner outing
It’s all about 4D – your feedback and improvement suggestions on Sharp Reflections 2023 pre-release

The Sharp Reflections team have one month to make the right improvements. We invite you to give us your input.

Mapping the Sharp Reflections 4D workflows – where are the remaining gaps?

Discussion forum & breakouts

You will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with the Sharp Reflections community.


The official GATHERing 2023 program ends with lunch at 12:00. A packed lunch will be available.


Foundation Project V meeting

The Foundation Project V meeting provides a unique opportunity to learn directly from the project participants as they discuss their latest ideas and innovations. All delegates of the GATHERing event are if schedule permits cordially invited to attend the meeting and contribute to shaping the future of the Sharp Reflections software.

Foundation Project meeting closes at 16:00

Don’t miss it!