March 5–6, 2024

Galveston, TX, USA

That was fun and inspiring! 

Thank you! Thank you everyone for participating in The GATHERing Americas 2024.

Our team set the stage for the event—but it was you, my friends, who brought the experience, enthusiasm and curiosity into the room, and kept us all energized over the two days.

This was our third GATHERing event, and each time the experience just gets better. It’s always gratifying to witness your engagement, answer your questions, explore ideas with you, and—just as importantly—watch you interact with each other, sharing insight with your industry colleagues.

We all left Galveston feeling… well… galvanized to explore new possibilities with Sharp Reflections software!


Bill Shea, CEO and Co-Founder at Sharp Reflections

The GATHERing – knowledge
exchange at its best

Your feedback speaks for itself!


“I find the hands-on sessions and the tutorials to be the most valuable part of these events. I didn’t want to stop for lunch.”


“The GATHERing gives me a chance to get away from distractions and day-to-day duties, and to be fully engaged in learning.”


“Lots of good information on how others are using Sharp Reflections; excellent workshops with hands-on exercises; good company; nice dinner. I plan to keep going to these events as long as my relationship with Sharp Reflections lasts, which I hope is the rest of my career.”

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A look back

Welcome to Galveston!

As the first day’s session came to a close, a private tour of the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum was a special treat. The derrick is where the action happens; we find the prospect, and they drill. Let’s see how it’s done. On the drilling floor, studying the tools. Stand back. It’s a long way down!

At the science corner, finally something we are familiar with … all went well, a happy rig crew. A successful driling operation visit!

User presentations and exchanging ideas are a valuable part of the event. Lots of good information on how to do even better. New capabilities mean lots to pick up and learn. Yes! 

Galveston Harbor

Visiting Galveston is always enjoyable. Until next time! 

Stay tuned

We look forward to welcoming you to The GATHERing 2025.