The Sharp Reflections team is pleased to announce the release of Pre-Stack Pro 4.4! This is a feature-packed release and we are introducing several brand new tools and important enhancements.

New Features

  • Petrel Data Link
  • tools to load, view, and process multi-azimuth gathers
  • log-based gather modeling tool (Zoeppritz 1D)
  • utility for generating synthetic 1D gathers from multi-layer blocky models
  • processing algorithms to remove dipping coherent noise on stack volumes (Dip Filter), and to suppress or remove short-period multiples (Tau-P Deconvolution)
  • curvature and dip-steered semblance attributes
  • a simple Well Log Editor allowing easier manipulation of imported log data
  • cultural data support (import and display of shape files)
  • the Data Comparator and Wavelet Tool are both improved in 4.4

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Visit the Pre-Stack Pro portal.

Dip Filter

1D Model Builder

Azimuthal Modeling and Tracking

Pre-Stack Pro now also supports 5-dimensional gather volumes with a multi-azimuth component. We’ve worked closely with Fraunhofer ITWM to develop a fast, robust SEGY import tool for Offset Vector Tiles. Native OVT data can now be viewed, sectored, stacked, and conditioned in Pre-Stack Pro. We have also extended the Horizon Tools module to track horizons on 5D gather volumes and extract AVAZ attributes.

Finally, a new Petrel Ocean Plug-In is now available to simplify data transfer to and from Pre-Stack Pro.

Petrel Data Link

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