In this course, you will be given an introduction to the software, which will help build a solid foundation and establish your skills in PreStack Pro. By the time you’ve completed the training session, you’ll have a basic knowledge of the different ways to visualize, process, and analyze big, pre-stack seismic datasets. Sign up today!

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Sharp Reflections’ PreStack Pro software contains dedicated seismic inversion modules to transform seismic reflectivities and amplitude versus angle (AVA) signatures into impedances, facies, and other rock and fluid properties. This interactive online course guides you through the principles behind pre-stack Bayesian seismic inversion and its practical, hands-on application. Our knowledgeable team will help you through a real-world inversion project, investigating the…

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LIMITED SPACE To ensure you get the best learning experience there are only 15 seats available. Sign up today! With Sharp Reflections’ fully integrated software, pre-stack seismic inversion is just a button-push away. This interactive online course guides you through the principles behind one-step pre-stack Bayesian seismic inversion theory and its practical, hands-on application in our PreStack Pro software package.... Read More
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