Sharp Reflections Releases Pre-Stack Pro 5.8

01 July, 2020. Kaiserslautern. Sharp Reflections, the leading provider of “Big Compute” solutions for seismic data analysis, is pleased to announce the release of Pre-Stack Pro version 5.8. Read the Getting Started guide here: Pre-Stack Pro 5.8 Getting Started

The latest release focuses primarily on stability over enhancements. It includes key “under-the-hood” improvements to future-proof the software with support developments planned for version 6.0 and beyond. 

New Features

The range of new features in Pre-Stack Pro 5.8 includes a Horizon Repair Tool, which provides a batch method for handling multiple horizons. This new functionality simplifies CRAVA Background Model building, by automating the extension of horizon surfaces to cover the survey grid, It also eliminates horizon crossings, to create a structurally-consistent framework model. Users can use the new tool to QC imported ASCII-format horizons, perform bulk gridding operations, and compare horizons to multiple seismic volumes, all within one window.

The File Manager now supports improved bulk loading of multiple files to the Data Pool, allowing users to assign a common subvolume to multiple volumes in just a few clicks. The added functionality also includes the option to take the intersection or union of all files, where the latter will pad zero traces to extend the file coverage to match the largest volume. These improvements are particularly helpful for users comparing a large number of angle, azimuth, or 4D stacks.

3D Viewer has been improved by storing viewing volumes in GPI memory instead of local memory. This eliminates the need to separately track local memory allocation when adding large or many-fold volumes to the viewer. When running on multiple servers, this leverages the full potential of Pre-Stack Pro’s HPC architecture to visualise big data in the 3D Viewer.

Other improvements include a reduction or elimination of repetitive tasks and improvement to the overall user experience. Several enhancements have been made to many recently-released features. In particular PCube+ has been upgraded from internal version 7.5 to version 7.13, to incorporate the latest developments from Norsk Regnesentral’s GIG inversion Consortium.

Details of bug fixes, including those from the latest patch release, can be read in the 5.8 Release Notes.

Existing users should visit the planio support portal to download: Pre Stack PRO Release 5.8 Landing Page

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