Sharp Reflections Launches PreStack Pro 6.6 with 4D Inversion and New Horizon Decks

PreStack Pro is the industry’s only native big-data platform to combine pre-stack seismic enhancement with advanced quantitative interpretation workflows. Our real-time approach, designed for today’s increasingly multi-dimensional seismic data sets, is transforming how subsurface teams get work done.

This release includes major upgrades to PCube+, our flagship one-step inversion module for prediction of lithology and fluids, developed in collaboration with our partner Norsk Regnesentral (NR) in Oslo. It also has new functionality to automate pre-stack and multi-stack horizon attribute analysis with new Horizon Decks functionality. The new capabilities speed up the understanding of reservoir characteristics, for confident well placement in exploration and field development.

New features include:

Major PCube+ inversion upgrade

  • PCube+ 4D, a simultaneous 4D pre-stack inversion of two time-lapse angle volumes, to track fluid movements in producing reservoirs.
  • Better prior rock property models that incorporate depth-dependent trends in Vp, Vs, and density,
  • New options to include VTI anisotropy when generating synthetic traces,
  • Improved QC tools which simplify comparisons between predicted and actual facies at well locations.
  • The PCube+ algorithm engine has been upgraded to the 2022 version, which incorporates all enhancements from the ongoing Geophysical Inversion to Geology consortium at NR.

Automated horizon attribute analysis, with

  • New Horizon Decks feature, which combines multiple interpreted horizons into a single data object, and allows users to create dense, proportionally sliced infill horizons.
  • Updated Create Maps module, which creates attributes from any “multi-dimensional” (pre-stack, time-lapse, or multi-azimuth) seismic volume, now also from a Horizon Deck.
  • Automated calculation of horizon interval attributes between successive pairs of horizons in a Horizon Deck
  • Full support for Horizon and Map Decks in map and section viewers, including one-click comparisons between any pair of attribute calculations on any horizon, using difference-in-viewer.

With the new features, users can scroll interactively through any reservoir attribute, overlay topographic contours, and see map differences on-the-fly at any stratigraphic level for any angle, azimuth, or vintage. Quantitative interpretation of seismic attributes (including time-lapse differences) in complex, multi-pay reservoirs has never been faster or easier.

Other improvements

All user documentation is now online and delivered with the software application. We have also introduced FlexNet Licensing to replace the OLicense Server, which reached end-of-life support

Users should be aware that projects opened with this release cannot be opened later with older versions of the software. Users should consult the release notes for more detailed upgrade guidance.

PreStack Pro 6.6 is the first of four major releases funded by our Foundation Project V Consortium. According to Sharp Reflections CEO Bill Shea

“This major release will help our clients quickly extract even more information from their increasingly rich seismic data sets. We deeply appreciate the generous support from our many consortium sponsors“

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PreStack Pro raises the bar for seismic interpretation

Sharp Reflections announces release 6.6 of PreStack Pro, the only native high performance, big-data platform for reliable quantitative interpretation and inversion of reservoir rock and fluid properties from pre-stack seismic data.