Pre-Stack Pro 4.2

This feature-packed version includes:

  • a new well log viewer and toolbox
  • a versatile seismic data comparator
  • a rich suite of QC and interpretation attributes
  • several new processing functions

We’ve improved data visualization by adding wiggle trace displays, semi-transparent overlays for stack and gather data, and map contours. We´ve also introduced a new “pre-stack wavelet” that simplifies design and application of spectral matching filters.

This is the second of four releases funded by Foundation Project 3, and represents a key step forward in integrating rock and sesimic data inside Pre-Stack Pro.

We extend our sincere thanks to all consortium sponsors for their vital financial and technical support.

Latest news

PreStack Pro raises the bar for seismic interpretation

Sharp Reflections announces release 6.6 of PreStack Pro, the only native high performance, big-data platform for reliable quantitative interpretation and inversion of reservoir rock and fluid properties from pre-stack seismic data.