Sharp Reflections Releases PsPro 5.6

The 5.6 release marks the fourth (and final) delivery milestone for the Foundation Project IV development consortium. Sincere thanks to the nine client companies who sponsored this ambitious project.

New features include a Volumetrics Calculator, which calculates gross rock volumes for intervals bounded by top and base reservoir horizons and a moving contact. Net rock volumes can then by calculated using seismic attributes, pre-stack inversion results, or simple geologic constraints. Depth converted horizons can be calculated in Pre-Stack pro with a new Well-Calibrated Velocity Model, which incorporates velocity information from wells and seismic data.

The new Multi-Well Tie QC allows easy comparison of well ties for a series of wells, and streamlined access to single well parameters. Well ties can now be saved as data objects, and quality control plots show cross-correlation, PEP, and time shifts as a function of angle for pre-stack ties. A new Well Zone Manager now provides the option to extend zone definitions across multiple wells, and summarizes results in an overview table.

Horizon Tools has undergone a complete redesign in version 5.6, with integrated viewers, on-the-fly attributes, and advanced, data-adaptive editing. With this upgrade, Pre-Stack Pro now includes a complete solution for generating high-resolution surfaces from any seismic volume.

Cross-correlation has been extended to maps and horizons. Other new features include partial stacking direct from offset gathers, a major Q-filter upgrade, and 3-term AVA attributes. Cross-plot functionality has also been improved, with pre-defined ranges for specific data types, regression and density isoline overlays, and other quality and performance enhancements.  Finally, PCube+ has been upgraded to now allow explicit transition probabilities to be specified for each zone.

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