The software update is set to dramatically improve interpretation efficiency and increase oil recovery from large fields. By accelerating the identification and mapping of production-induced seismic changes, the new 4D features will enable operators to find oil in bypassed or poorly-drained sections of their reservoirs. Interpreters need no-longer manually compute the differences between vintages on each stack Pre-stack ‘gathers’ can... Read More
Sharp Reflections is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Verschuren as PreStack Pro Product Manager. Mark will be responsible for scaling up Sharp’s seismic data analysis software solutions to serve an increasingly global market. Mark will play a strategic, hands-on role in the technological innovation and development of our products, while ensuring that our solutions continue to meet the... Read More
We are looking for new talent to join our expanding software development team distributed across Germany, Norway, and Great Britain! We offer a competitive salary and a great work environment, where your contribution will have an immediate impact on the developing progress. Read More
12th November, 2020. Kaiserslautern. Sharp Reflections, the leading provider of “Big Compute” solutions for seismic data analysis, is pleased to announce the release of PreStack Pro version 6.0.  In early 2020 we launched a new development initiative for 4D processing and analysis, with technical and financial support from Equinor. This release concludes the first phase of 4D developments, and includes... Read More

Unlocking the Potential of Mature Areas with Quantitative Seismic Analysis: Shallow and previously overlooked plays close to existing infrastructure are becoming increasingly attractive exploration targets as the energy transition unfolds. Early exploration wells often log these intervals on the way to deeper targets, and provide critical elastic rock property data needed to understand and calibrate pre-stack seismic amplitudes. In these…

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